NHPfoundation - Preserving America's Affordable Housing
Our business
model combines a
charitable mission
with businesslike
management and
financial discipline.

We are AN OWNER AND DEVELOPER OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING THAT IS SKILLED at creating stable multifamily residential communities that thousands of Americans are happy to call home. We strive to be recognized as a superior organization that efficiently and effectively accomplishes its mission. We are committed to quality in all aspects of the Foundation—quality properties, quality services for our residents, and quality employees to make it all happen.

NHPF’s holistic approach goes beyond providing the brick and mortar edifice. It combines affordable housing with a robust resident services program—known as Operation Pathways—which provides a wide variety of educational, health, financial literacy, and enrichment programs for our residents. We are one of the few national nonprofits that provides affordable, service enriched multi-family housing to those with low- to moderate-incomes.

By acquiring a majority of its properties from financial institutions and private owners using commercial bank financing, permanent tax-exempt bonds, and Low Income Housing Tax Credits, The NHP Foundation is able to preserve existing buildings as affordable housing.

These investments have stimulated the improvement of surrounding properties and helped stabilize neighborhoods in many of the communities where we are located.