NHPfoundation - Preserving America's Affordable Housing

Our anticipated outcomes for 2015 are:

(1) Participants establish a budget
and work within that budget for at
least three months;


(2) Participants
who do not already have a checking
or savings account will open one;


(3) 75% of participants will double
their savings in three months;


(4) 75% of participants will increase
their credit score in 3 months.

Operation Pathways


Pathway to Financial Stability (PFS) educates participants in sound financial practices to increase income, decrease expenses, and build assets. Our PFS services have nine pillars:

Secure/Stable Employment
Stable Housing
Seeking Benefit Services

Financial Education
Getting Banked
Tax Filing Assistance
Asset Building
Debt Management

Examples of some programs offered in this category are:

Financial Education
The Financial Education program seeks to enlighten residents on issues
relating to their money matters, such as credit, proper insurance coverage,
investments, and savings. We are a national partner with America Saves Week,
a program that stresses the importance of paying oneself first. Additionally, we
partner with local financial institutions to provide financial literacy instruction
and expertise for our participants.

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