NHPfoundation - Preserving America's Affordable Housing
NHPF is dedicated to preserving housing that is a source of pride and enjoyment for residents and neighboring communities. This commitment inspires NHPF, throughout the many years it takes to develop a property, and for the care that we provide through our asset management.

For more than a quarter-century, NHPF has been a leader in the development and redevelopment of quality multifamily rental properties. We have set ourselves apart by the commitment and care we exhibit in the physical, social, and financial aspects of each and every development.
We locate properties that are well-positioned and possess a strong market potential. Through extensive research, we assess each property and work with their physical, economic, and social environments. In line with our holistic approach, we initiate public/private partnerships and join with local businesses and community organizations to insure the long-term viability and success of our properties.